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Facebook addiction is common nowadays. Even for moment’s separation from Fb feels like we have been away from our love. Million's of Fb user use Facebook daily and access Facebook. Facebook users can encounter problems at some point in time or other some or the other problem related to Facebook. In such scenarios, resolving Facebook errors is the top most priority for them. Most of the types they ponder over the question: How to contact Facebook by phone? Most of them don’t know that there is a phone number to contact Facebook customer service.

Some geeks are quite familiar with FB problems and know what steps to take in order to fix such problems. However, some guys are not that geeky. Such guys require the services of someone who can fix their Facebook problems immediately. In order to meet such needs, How To Contact Facebook Support by Phone. Contact Facebook by phone to fix your Facebook problem over the phone.

As you Know our Help Desk Number : +1-888-787-9274